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Creatively connecting people in a sustainable way.
Welcome to the circle of the uniquely spicy events and consulting company GingerBiscuit


GingerBiscuit was launched in 2017 to provide a “greener” vision for the events and marketing industries within South Africa.

Why “green” you say? It’s simple, people and the planet are at the centre of our circle – social and environmental sustainability is what gets our creative juices flowing. We want to have a positive impact on the world in environmental, social and economic areas, that are not only beneficial, but also inspirational, and challenge the standard way of thinking, while leaving a legacy that is continuously learning and evolving to benefit not only the here and now, but also future generations.

In a nutshell, GingerBiscuit allows not only the company, but also our clients to express creativity, connect with people from various walks of life, while still contributing to a sustainable future.


GingerBiscuit has implemented various How’s to our Why to make sure that we constantly work around our existence as a company, cause what’s a company without a cause.

  • By implementing what we call Sustainability- Biscuits into all events, exhibitions and business/ venue greening clients

Definition: Sustainability-Biscuit (verb) – a step, or steps, taken towards making an event/ business more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.

  • To constantly review all steps taken in order to ensure that we do not greenwash any of our services/ products

  • To create a network of individuals and companies that share the same values of creativity, connection and sustainability for further collaboration working together for the greater good

  • To ensure that a working environment conducive to our core values of creativity, connection and sustainability, as well as diversity, innovation and integrity is upheld at all times for employees, shareholders, directors, the board and clients alike

  • To adopt a creative manner of thinking and challenge the norms within our chosen fields, as well as apply design and innovative thought processes




The event industry as a whole leaves a massive footprint on society and the environment. By incorporating these Biscuits into each project, we aim to minimize the negative consequences on the world around us, while still hosting events which connect and inspire people in both the social and corporate sectors.

The Sustainability-Biscuit/s individually decided on for each event, are then put in place via a tailor-baked Sustainable-Biscuit Event Policy, and are implemented, monitored and managed throughout the unfolding event process – pre, during and post, the fun taking place.

Sustainability Consulting – Business and Venue Greening

Businesses and venues in most cases leave a negative footprint on the environment in their daily workings. By incorporating the chosen Sustainability-Biscuits into companies on an individual basis, we aim to minimize the negative consequences on the world they operate in by incorporating the chosen principles of sustainability of people, planet and profit, into their day to day operations and overall business decisions.

The Sustainability-Biscuit/s individually decided on for a business or venue, are put in place via a tailor-baked Sustainable-Biscuit Environmental Policy, and are implemented, monitored and managed via an accredited environmental management system.

Services Currently Offered By GingerBiscuit  (DESCIPTIONS TO BE ADDED IN AT A LATER STAGE)

Corporate event co-ordination, management and planning

Social event co-ordination, management and planning

Event greening

Venue Greening

Business Greening

Outsourced sustainability

Concept design

Basic marketing
design and copywriting

A quick Google search will generally define greenwashing as follows (gotta love our friend Google):

“Greenwashing is the practice of making an unsubstantiated or misleading claim about the environmental benefits of a product, service, technology or company practice. Greenwashing can make a company appear to be more environmentally friendly than it really is.”

No event or business may ever be certified as green or carbon neutral, until after the event or business greening has taken place, and then further audited and accredited as such by an outsourced third party. We have teamed up with some fabulously passionate individuals and organizations to make sure this is always carried out in a thorough and fair manner that has lasting benefits for all involved. 

We do, however, understand that some may feel the need to start dipping their toes into the green pool in a slower manner, and that it is journey; and for this reason we are happy to implement certain steps on a smaller scale without auditing and certification. Events and businesses that choose this route will not be able to declare their gatherings or day to day operations as green or carbon neutral, but rather may communicate their intention of a commitment to an ever developing process.

Sustainability is an ever changing, growing and evolving journey, and we at GingerBiscuit intend to constantly keep up to date with this in a manner that operates from a place of integrity and commitment to our vision at all times. We gladly welcome and respect feedback from all our clients and suppliers to further aid us in this endeavor.





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