Welcome to the circle of the uniquely spicy company, GingerBiscuit.

GingerBiscuit contributes to making the world a better place, by creatively connecting people in a sustainable way.

We do this through sustainable event management, outsourced sustainability consulting/co-ordination and training. This leaves the door wide open for our customers to feel good and to make an impact. Whether we are connecting with people directly through an event, conference or expo, or we are supporting businesses on their journey to achieving greater sustainability, and interacting with teams through capacitating; the ripples are far reaching.

Events have the ability to reach many different people in a short time frame. Through creating sustainable gatherings whereby the event itself is not only sustainable, but also awareness is created around what steps have been implemented into making the event sustainable in itself, thereby demonstrating what sustainability is through and in action. Attendees and guests will thereby walk away having had firsthand experience on why sustainability is so important, as well as having a fun, valuable and inspirational experience.

 Allowing people to have this interactive experience allows them to essentially become ambassadors for making a positive difference not only within their personal capacity, but also their communities. The same is said for businesses – employees will carry on the legacy within their personal lives, on one level or another. Every action makes a difference.

No matter how small. GingerBiscuit connects people in this creative manner, and allows them to spread the light and actions within their communities, and the world.

This is why GingerBiscuit’s slogan is, “Welcome to Our Circle”, as we believe that the circle of creativity, connection and sustainability, is one of inclusion and collaboration – everyone is invited.

People and the planet are at the center of our circle – sustainability is what gets our creative juices flowing. 

We will have a positive impact on the world in environmentalsocial and economic areas, that are not only beneficial, but also inspirational, and challenge the standard way of thinking,. At the same time we will leave a legacy that is continuously learning and evolving to benefit not only the here and now, but also future generations.

One just has to turn on the news, or browse through various social media platforms, to know that the way that we fundamentally operate as human beings, has to change. Hosting events which do not take into consideration the impact which they have on the communities hosting them, or the environment around them, is no longer acceptable. Nor are businesses operating in a manner which also do not view the long term effects of their practices, GingerBiscuit believes will soon be a thing of the past. This will most likely happen through governments enforcing bylaws which govern these areas. We wish to bring the opportunity and support to clients – be they via sustainable event management, sustainability business consulting or environmental training – ahead of enforced regulations, in a manner that is not restrictive, but rather guiding. Positive reinforcement not negative enforcement

People are our love – we wish to see them thrive and not only survive, but in harmony with the planet and one another.

Through GingerBiscuit, our clients and stakeholders are delivered a creative experience, the space in which to connect with people from different walks of life, while still contributing to a sustainable future. The company internalises these values on a continuous basis.