GingerBiscuit has implemented various How’s to our Why to make sure that we constantly work around our existence as a company, cause what’s a company without a cause.

  • By creatively connecting people in a sustainable way. We call this process CCSS – Creative. Connecting, Sustainable. Solutions.
  • To constantly review and monitor the process in relation to all our endeavors to ensure that we do not “greenwash” any of our services/ products, while still delivering creative solutions which connect people to not only each other, but also an experience – be it through an event, training or within their daily business operations.
  • To create a network of individuals and companies that share the same values of creativity, connection and sustainability for further collaboration working together for the greater good.
  • To work with not only business, but also educational and correctional institutes to foster growth for the youth and those needing rehabilitation to enter back into society.
  • To ensure that a working environment conducive to our core values of creativity, connection and sustainability, as well as diversity, innovation and integrity is upheld at all times for employees, shareholders, directors, the board and clients alike.
  • To adopt a creative manner of thinking, and challenge the norms within our chosen fields, as well as apply design and innovative thought processes.
  • Focus on the bigger picture – we are here to fulfill a purpose within the following industries: events (both social and business), consulting and training.